My “Role Play Workshop” is a free live virtual training program for Los Angeles Real Estate Agents who want to master the Mike Ferry scripts and dialogues.

You will have someone to roleplay with every workday and never have to deal with a “flakey partner” again!

I’ll pair you up into groups of 2-4 with new people every day within our virtual office on Zoom and put you into breakout rooms.

My coaches and I will virtually join each room to observe and make tweaks that will improve your sales skills significantly.

Role-playing is proven to be the most effective hands-on training you could possibly have in real estate (only second to talking to real prospects, but don’t worry, you’ll do that too).

The Role Play Workshop is Mon-Friday from 8 am-9 am in our virtual office.

The workshop is free for Southern California Real Estate Agents.

To join, simply fill out this form and you will receive an email and text notification with the instructions on how to access our next workshop.